Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sonata Arctica: First single from the upcoming album & lyric video

as you've all probably seen already the first single from the upcoming album 'The Ninth Hour' is out. It's called 'Closer to an animal' and below you can check out the lyric video:

You can also buy it on itunes etc etc... The Album will be out on October the 7th, the same day we'll play the first show on the next World Tour, in Norway !!

A couple of festivals still to go and then it's time to play some new songs ;-)


Thursday, August 11, 2016

SA:The Summer part 2: July

8.7. Friday - Travel Day
We started mastering the album yesterday, Pasi went to the Chartmakers studio in Helsinki and this morning Tony joined him…by the end of the day the album was finally done. Tommy & I flew to Helsinki in the evening were we met up with the other guys and the crew at the hotel next to the airport.

9.7. Saturday - Rock Hartz, Ballenstedt, Germany
Got up at 0530 for a quick breakfast and then we headed to the airport and towards our
flight to Berlin. When we arrived we met up with Ensiferum and Finntrol and took the bus together to the festival, which was a couple of hundred km away. At the festival we unloaded the gear and then took a van to our hotel to chill for about an hour before it was time to head back. Interestingly enough there were 6 finnish bands performing here on the same day. Us, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Lost Society and Omnium Gatherum, who will be joining us on our North-American tour this fall. Anyways, we did a signing session and then started to prepare for the show…I did one interview with Pasi as well. The 60min that we had went by rather quickly and then it was time to get our stuff together and go back to the hotel and sleep. I did check out a few songs from Finntroll, Ensiferum and CoB during the day.

10.7. Sunday - Out & Loud, Geiselwind, Germany
At around 0730 the bus with the Finntroll guys picked us up from the hotel and we headed towards Geiselwind. I took us quite some time to get there and most of us slept a bit on the bus. The Out & Loud festival was a bit confusing since it’s partly inside the hotel which was more or less a labyrinth but after getting lost a few times we managed to figure out where our rooms are and where the backstage was. A quick signing session and some resting in the rooms before the show. Today it was really really hot and of course the sun was blasting right onto the stage as we went on. I though Tommy was gonna die after the show since he was so dehydrated….but he didn’t. Spent the rest of the evening at the hotel patio and shared some drinks and laughs with the Finntroll guys.

11.7.Monday - Travel Day
Up at 0630 and I grabbed some sandwiches from the breakfast room on my way to the bus. Slept through most of the ride and soon enough we were at the Frankfurt airport.
In with the gear, boarding passes for everyone and off we went towards Helsinki where
we had a short layover before finally getting on the plane to Kemi and arriving home
at around 1725.

15.7. Friday - Travel Day
Arrived in Helsinki at the evening and had a couple of beers at the hotel before it was
bedtime. Just found out about Turkey just before I fell asleep, all kinds of shit going on
it seems.

16.7. Saturday - Rockmaraton, Hungary
Up at 0630, breakfast (which btw is really nice at the Hilton Airport) and after the usual check-in stuff and a quick stop at the Oak Barrel we got on the plane towards Budapest. Upon arrival we got to the hotel and had lunch. There was some minor hassles but finally at around 1530 we left with the van towards the festival. Last night
Megadeth cancelled their headlining show in front of a sold out audience, you’ve probably read something about it online already. Anyways, after some time of waiting around it was time to hit the stage. The show went well, we tried to do a facebook live - thing during DSAW but the connection failed…well shit happens, we’ll try again sometime. After the show we drove back to the hotel and that was about it. In the morning the guys went home and I stayed behind with my gf for a few days off in Budapest.

22.7. Friday - John Smith Festival, Laukaa, Finland

Stayed at Elias house last night, which was nice…in the afternoon we headed towards the JS festival. Upon arrival we did the check-in at the hotel and started the loooong wait for the show at night. Eventually it was time to hit the stage at 0:30, Since this was an acoustic show it was once again interesting to see what weird things will happen.Not
too many mishaps and a good crowd !! Took it really easy after the show since there was an early wake-up call to drive back home.

30.7. Saturday - Qstock, Oulu , Finland

One of my favourite festivals in many ways, great music , very well organized and of course…close to home ;-) In the afternoon we drove to the festival since I had promised to fill in for Jukka at the Thunderstone gig. I spent this week practising the songs and
I think I pretty much had them all in my head. I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous before a gig but in the end it all worked out quite well. The 50min long set was over rather quick and then it was time to focus on the Sonata show. Our acoustic set went over really well and the crowd was loud as hell. After the show we even managed to watch the Prodigy for a few songs before it was time to drive home and sleep.



Saturday, July 16, 2016

SA:The Summer part 1: June

9.6. Thursday - Travel Day
We flew to Helsinki in the afternoon, just swung by the hotel to get the rooms and then we proceeded towards Kultuuritalo and Steve Vai. We had a quick pizza before the show and managed to get there just in time. Vai was on his Passion & Warfare 25th anniversary tour so we got the chance to experiance the whole album live. The sound however was really crap and loud as hell, other than that the show was great. Afterwards we went to the hotel and the lobby bar for a few before heading to bed.

10.6. Friday - Rockfels Open Air, Loreley, Germany
Have I ever told you I love early mornings ? Got up at around 0400 since our lobby call was at 0430. The Flight went by rather quickly since most of us were sleeping and upon arrival we went straight to the hotel, had some breakfast and took a nap. At around noon we headed towards the festival site. I did some programming for my new Vortex and loaded the sounds into the rental Kronos before the show. As usual the first summer show(s) are always a bit nervous but this one went down rather well. After the show it was time to head towards the hotel and get some sleep.

11.6. Saturday - Vaakuna Piknik, Kouvola, Finland
We had the chance to sleep a bit longer this morning which of course was nice since we had our first acoustic show later this day. After flying to Helsinki we boarded the bus and headed towards Kouvola. Because of scheduling conflicts we didn’t have the chance to practise with our additional member Masi for the acoustic stuff so once again, nervous dudes coming in ;-) The acoustic show went really well though and the audience was really into it. On our way towards the festival we did a live FB thing and we might do more in the future…funny stuff. After the show we left more or less right away in order to make it in time for the train from Tampere at 0115. We did make it in time and woke up the next day in our hometown Kemi.

17.6. Friday - Tuiskula, Nivala, Finland
Drove down to Nivala to play some metal ;-) We all came a bit from different directions since Tommy had been in the studio etc etc . The album is nearly done btw… Anyways in Nivala we had a headliner show, nice to play a full show in the middle of the festival season….usually on festivals we play for an hour or so, which is really short. We rehearsed some “new” older songs that we’ll be playing in Kemi during the soundcheck. Other than that the show went well and we had a good (and hot) time on stage. Afterwards we drove to Ylivieska and went to sleep. This show was really late so we didn’t get to the hotel until 3 or something in the morning….

18.6. Saturday - JääliCityRock, Jääli, Finland
Spent the day in Oulu, dining and chilling at the hotel. During the day there was a really heavy rainstorm in Jääli which ripped up some tents etc but luckily the weather settled down before our show. This was quite the typical weather for finnish festivals, a bit rainy and a bit cold ;-) Nevertheless we did the show and then got our stuff together and headed home. Some of the crew and band stayed in Oulu overnight and drove down
south the next morning. Now we got a few weeks without festivals so that we can finish the album.



Monday, June 6, 2016

SA:Recording the new album week 5

30.5. Monday
After a week of doing other stuff at home, we’re back in the studio. Not too much for me to do I suspect but we need to get together and rehearse for the summer festivals, the acoustic stuff in particular….and we might still have one or two more songs to record, who knows ? Spent the day practising and arranging stuff for the acoustic shows this summer. All kinds of surprises coming up, songs we’ve never played live before etc…
I think we ended the day around midnight….

31.5. Tuesday
Pretty much continued where we left off last night. We also started to record the rehersals without vocals, so we’ll have some background stuff to practise with if needed , when we get back home. We also decided to record a cover song as a bonus
track for something down the road…let’s see how it turns out ;-) Surprisingly enough it’s been really hot here which not usually the case here in Finland….so we’ve been trying to enjoy that but it’s a bit hard when you’re stuck inside….well…it’s our own choice so no reason to bitch too much ;-)

1.6. Wednesday
We all slept kinda late, since last night was a bit too much, nevertheless once we got awake we were  back at the acoustic stuff, checked back at the cover song and did some minor fixes but for the most part it was ok already. Today we also recorded most of the acoustic songs just to have something to rehearse with back home if needed. In a bit over a week we’ll start the festival season, it will be a bit challenging since the first weekend is back to back shows, one electric and one acoustic, hopefully all goes well.

2.6. Thursday
Got up in the morning and headed home. This week was a bit short since Queen is playing in Helsinki on the weekend and I’m gonna go and check that out with my g/f ;-)
Hopefully it’ll be a great show…. I just realized that the Recording the new album week count doesn't really add up since we've been working on stuff at home as well...anyways for my part the studio-thing is over and I'll do the rest that needs to be done from home, some of the guys will be back at the studio and some don't...anyways the bulk of the album is done so we still got time to finish it until our'll probably be really tight anyways but that's how it always goes.



Secret Rule: Music Video online

Hi guys,
Secret Rule just released their first video from the upcoming album, check it out :